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My approach

I work with your quirks.

Individual coaching:

No one likes or trusts someone they perceive as phony. Everyone is quirky in their own way and I work to make you a more persuasive speaker WITHIN your authentic personality.

Here is what I know: When your real personality shines through, your audience will trust what you have to say. Whether you are extroverted or introverted, straight-laced or irreverent, tranquil or neurotic, authoritative or timid, every personality type can be trained to be a more persuasive speaker. Without a doubt, upping your persuasion game will make you more effective in your job, and will escalate your success, and the success of your company.

My approach to individual coaching is to meet you 'where you are' and raise your game by giving you bite-sized enhancements that make sense and work for your specific personality. My goal is not to make you a stereotypical powerhouse speaker. My goal is to make you a more credible and more persuasive speaker. 


Clients I have trained have often raised their persuasion game in just two or three sessions.

Group Intensives

I conduct half-day intensives with the selected group from your organization. In these intensives I work with your team to story-fy your data to produce the emotional response necessary to spur your buyer or target audience to action.  Together, we create absolutely compelling and powerfully persuasive presentations for those critical proposals and pitches.

Training for:
Client pitches
Media Appearances
Board Presentations
Panel discussions
Product introductions
Book tours
Keynote speeches