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Areas of Expertise

Crafting a story that works

People don't buy in when they know something. They buy in when they feel something. To move people to act, you must marry an idea with an emotion. The best way to do that is with a story.  Strategic storytelling is the single most powerful way to change attitudes and behaviors. People are naturally attracted to stories and storytelling elicits a strong neurological response in humans. Identifying and refining the right story and infusing it with the most effective imagery, metaphors and analogies makes your presentation irresistibly evocative and compelling. A well chosen, well crafted, properly narrated story goes where data cannot - right to our hearts. 

Leslie cultivates the compelling storyteller in each of her clients, and helps them refine and enhance their stories into a memorable, dynamic and irresistibly effective presentation.

In other words, Leslie Gold will help you develop killer

Keynote speeches

Client Pitches

Client Presentations

Board Presentations


Book Tours

Media Appearances

Product Launches

Panel discussions

Non-spoken communication

You reveal as much with the way you communicate as you do with the spoken word. The gestures you make, your pacing, pitch, and voice projection all contribute to how others view you.  Effective use of pauses, how you move on stage, either on-camera or in a one-to-one encounter, can reinforce and elevate your message. This was a hard learned lesson by Leslie Gold when she transitioned from the "invisible" world of radio to the un-forgivingly visual world of television.  Leslie provides her clients with enhancements and adjustments that will feel authentic to who you are as a speaker and will raise your non-verbal game.

Standing Out

There are more outlets on which to be seen and heard than ever before. Radio, TV, podcasts, online videos, industry panel discussions, streaming, live events. There are endless platforms to learn, join or  establish a presence on.  Today's highly saturated landscape makes it harder to stand out. Leslie Gold teach clients how to:

  • - Reshape their message into memorable sound bites

  • - Inject humor in a natural way without resorting to jokes

  • - Be a stand-out on a panel

  • - Leave an interviewer, client or sales prospect wanting more

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