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Powerfully Persuasive
Speaker   Trainer   Media Personality

Leslie Gold has been inspiring and persuading people for decades.

She will teach you to do the same.


Persuasion is the lifeblood of business.

Imagine if you spoke at a meeting and people hung on every word you said. Imagine if what you said could govern the thinking of others, ignite their enthusiasm and prompt them to action.

Imagine if what you said had the power to touch hearts, change minds and open wallets.

The power of persuasion is critical for any leader. Yet most business leaders struggle with it. They rely on the wrong tools to accomplish it.

A Harvard Business School graduate, Leslie was an unusually

successful female entrepreneur in a male dominated industry, and a unique on-air talk talent who inspired intense loyalty and admiration from her dedicated daily listeners.

Known as “The Radiochick," Leslie went from being a complete unknown to building army of over 1 million rabid listeners in her decade-plus on the air in New York City. Upon being fired from her on-air position, her devoted followers self-mobilized, sending 10,000 letters to her employer, CBS Radio, demanding that she be re-hired...which she was. In her prior life, as the CEO of a165-employee window manufacturing company, Leslie used her unique methods of communicating to obtain a 5 million dollar loan from a bank when she wasn't worth $5,000, to defeat a union organizing effort and to convince her suppliers to extend terms to her company that were unprecedented in her industry.

Leslie Gold has moved groups of people, both big and small, to action. She now brings her media-proven techniques to non-media companies, and demonstrates precisely how to deploy these techniques in common business situations.

In essence, Leslie de-mystifies the concept of persuasion. She teaches:

Storytelling - the key to moving an audience of 1 or 1,000,000 is to craft a good story, with an emotional arc, a controlling idea and a indisputably clear takeaway.  Identifying story-worthy events, organizing the flow, and enriching the story with well chosen imagery guides your audience to your desired conclusion.

Resonating - People don’t buy in when they know something, they buy in when they feel something. Building the 'emotional arc' produces an emotional response.

Analogies - Analogies are logical arguments and are 10 times more persuasive than statistics and data points. The effective use of a strong analogy will get your idea considered in a new way and will allow you to influence the mental associations made by your listener.

Presence and Countenance - a few simple tips help you convey non-verbally, that you are in control of your idea, and your audience.

Leslie shares what she has discovered about persuasive communication from her more than 10,000 hours on air. She will demonstrate each of these elements and show how to apply them to a variety of common business situations such as sales calls, client presentations, product introductions, board presentations, media appearances and panel discussions.

Having competed in two male dominated industries, Leslie also has special communication tips for women in business.

Leslie is an earnest, compelling, entertaining and insightful speaker. She can light up your next conference, staff meeting, training session or networking event.



Have Leslie speak at your next group event. She is available for workshops, group or individual training, keynotes, or panel discussions - all tailored and focused on the specific needs of your group.

Radiochick INC

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